Tips To Check Fruit Quality

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Apple Table: The color should be bright brick Red, the skin should be smooth spotless, no bruises, cracks, no holes or black spot.

Apple Cooking: Yellowish in color, the skin should be free of all spots & bruises, free from wrinkles, no infestation.

Apricot: Yellow in Color, tight smooth skin without any wrinkles there should be no marks of depression on the skin should not be hard to touch but not too pulpy either no black spots on it.

Banana Table: Greenish yellow in color, should not hard to touch but must not be pulpy, black patch should not be large than 2”, the skin should not be broken at seams or stem ends. The size should not be less than 7” from stem end to tip.

Cherries: Cherries should be dark red in color, no any black spot or bruises should not be damaged. The pulp should be juicy but not mashed up. Should be of good size must taste sweet.

Coconut Tender: Should have adequate quantity of water, no soft flesh, no buries, black spots on the outer surface. Should be smell fresh.

Coconut Dry: must have lots of water inside when shook must be heard inside. When cut the kernel should be marble white juicy and thick. No rancid smell.

Sapodilla ( Chikku ): Dark brown in color, thin skin, firm surface, no bruises or cracks or soft patches. The pulp should be dark brown and soft. Must be Juicy and sweet in taste.

Custard Apple : Should be firm and just ripe 5-6 pcs per kg. no black spot or bruises on the outer surface. Should look fresh.

Dates: Should taste sweet, without any worms or infestation. Should be clean, no sand or grit. Should be packed in food grade Paper.

Fig: Dark purple color. Full ripe appearances, resilient to the pressure of thumb, no bruises, blemishes or cracks, soft and sweet.

Guava: off white, yellowish green in color, smooth round shape, hard to touch, the skin should have no bruises or black spot. The seeds should be small and few.

Grasps: The color should be dark green or black. Each bunch must b full and should not have too many grapes missing from it, the skin should be thin and not damaged. The taste should be sweet, the grapes should be firm to touch and not too pulpy.

Grape Fruit: Should be pink from inside when cut, should have a sheen, should be ripe, but firm. Outer skin to be without any black spots, cuts, bruises, the outer surface should smell fresh.

Litchis:Crisp, Red or brown skin, without leaves, no cracks or blemishes, should be firmly attached to the bunch, juicy, soft and white pulp, small seed should not be large than the size of the whole litchis. The bunch should not have too many litchis missing.

Lucknow Melon: Yellow in color. Should be firm to touch and when pressed between palms, should not yield to pressure.

Melon (Sonepat): Green color with black stripes. The skin should thin smooth and glassy should have a pleasant flavor and sweet to taste, should be heavy for its size.

Melon Australian: Skin should have a sheen. Should be smell fresh. Outer skin to be without spots, cuts, bruises. Should be heavy for its size.

Mango: Mango should vary from quality. The skin should be bright smooth and waxy. When pressed between palms, should yield slowly to the pressure. The Kernel seed should be small, the pulp should be firm & stringy. There should be no bruise, spot or rotten smell.

Mangoosteen (Mngunstin): Should be full ripe but firm. Should have a sheen, Should look and smell fresh. Outer skin to be without any spots and bruises.
Pears: Firm but fully ripe, No sports, No black Marks, No bruises, Even shape. Stalk to be there. Should have a sheen. Should taste Sweet.

Orange Table: Bright orange in color. There should be no discoloration dry patches, Smooth wrinkle free skin, firm and resilient if pressed with the thumb. The Segments should have thin, few seeds. Should be tight inside. Weight should be heavy for its size.

Plums: Reddish brown in color, should not have any bruises cuts or cracks. Paper thin skin, Waxy and soft to touch but not pulpy. When pressed between the palms should yield to pressure slowly.

Sweet Lime:Bright Green/Yellow color skin should be thin smooth without any bruises or patches, Firm to thumb pressure, juice should be sweet.

Strawberry: Should be bright red in color, ripe but firm, Evenly ripe from all sides. Should taste sweet.

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