Name of vegetables in Hindi and Tips to check their quality

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Beetroot (Chukandar): Smooth round shape, hard to touch, should have no damaged skin, dark purple in color. Should look fresh

Brinjal(Baingan): Round/ long, dark purple in color. There should be no holes or scars. Choose small one, Dull skin indicates that the fruit is beyond good eating as it is turning bitter.

Bitter Guard (Karela): Dark green in color, crisp shiny surface, the seeds should be small, bare minimum and white and not yellow or red.

Cabbage (Patta Gobhi): Light green color, no holes, no worms. Blemishes should be firm and heavy in comparison to its size. You should also look for leaves that are crisp rather than soft.

Capsicum (Shimla Mirch): Park shiny green skin, tender and crisp, even shape, soft white seeds, when out, no browning of seeds or fungus.

Carrot ( Gajjar): Heavy for size, garden fresh of light pink color/rusty red (not from cold storage) smooth skin, even conical shape, the base should not be more than 5 cms. Buy medium sized carrot.
Cauliflower (Phool Gobhi): The bloom should be tight and marble white in color. no blemishes, no browning or wet spots. The cauliflower head should feel heavy in your hand for its size.

colocasia root (Arbi): Hard to touch and dry outer surface, free from dirt, bruises and should have no shoots. At least 3” long.

Coriander (Dhaniya): Garden fresh, bright green and wide leaves, no rot, no rotten leaves, free of all moisture or weeds, should have highly aromatic and characteristic smell.

Cucumber(Kheera): Green in color, hard to touch, smooth shiny surface and tender skin. The seeds should be small and soft. Avoid cucumbers with blemishes, soft spots, yellowing, or easily bent.

Drumstick (Sahjan ki phali) : Should be bright green in color. Should be firm & snap when twisted. Evenly shaped should be fleshy, should look and smell fresh.

Fenugreek (Methi) : Fresh, crisp, dark green color, slender leaves, minimum stem, no browning or withered leaves. No weeds.

French Beans: Should be green in color, long and crisp, not stringy.

Garlic (Lahasun): Buy garlic with Clear white color, tight root with no loose flakes or skin. No blackish or dried flakes. Large cloves, heavy for size. Should have a strong flavor.

Green Chilies (Hari Mirch): Olive green/dark green in color, garden fresh and crisp smooth, shiny skin, long & even shape, soft & white seeds.

Green Peas (Mutter): Dark green in color, pods should be full and heavy (pods should split along the seam when pressure applied). The peas should be crisp, soft and sweet. Free of all moisture or extra water.

Ginger (Adarak): Outer skin should be shiny, free from dirt, no bruises. The skin should be smooth, free from wrinkles. Fresh large, even pieces. The pulp should not be stringy or dry. There should be no unpleasant smell.

Indian Squash (Tinda): Green in color, hard to touch, should have small fur like the bloom on the outer skin. When cutting the inside should be hard to touch and have no net like formation, small seeds.

Jack Fruit (Kathal): Greenish yellow in color hard to touch, when cut the seeds should be small white and soft.

Lady Finger (Bhindi): Green in color, smooth and shining, velvety skin, long conical shape. Crisp and tender tins which should snap when bent. Seeds should be small, bright white and small.

Lemon (Nimbu): The skin should be thin (kagazi) bright yellow in color should not have any bruises or cracks black spots or patches. Soft to touch but not pulpy, even sized.

Lettuce (Salad Patta): Golden fresh, green in color, preferably like a tight cabbage with a firm heart.Should have no withered, damaged or loose leaves. The leaves should be crisp, no stems. The leaves should be free from any insect bitten or black holes. Should be free from dirt.

Lotus Stem (Kamal Kakadi): Camel-colored. It should be closed from top and bottom.I t should be stiff and not limp. Should be plain and smooth with no marks and spots. Diameter should be 2.5 minimum.

Mint (Pudina) : Dark green colour,garden fresh,crisp & large broad leaves. Roots cut off just below the leaves. No weeds. Strong aromatic smell.

Mustard Greens (Sarson Ka Saagh): Soft green leaves, should be free from any grass or weeds. The stem should be cut just below the leaves. The leaves should be fresh & not sloppy, free of all insects bitten holes.

Onion (Payaz): Dry and pink colored skin-internal leaves, tender, white & pulpy soft, sharp taste. Bulb firm and well shaped. Should be without any damage, molds of fungus growth.

Pointed Guard (Parmal) : Should have firm flesh. The skin should have a sheen. Evenly shaped, look and smell garden fresh.

Potatoes (Aloo): Old potatoes, low moisture content, grayish in color.Firm & smooth skin, even shaped, free of any crevices or cuts. No mud or dry dirt should be sticking to them. Hard to touch, no green or black spots on the skin, no discoloration.Strictly no cold room potatoes.

Pumpkin Red (Kaddu): Outer surface bright orange, golden yellow color inside very hard to touch, smooth and even surface without any cracks or holes.

Pumpkin White (Loki): Light, creamy green outer surface. Hard to touch, smooth & even surface without any cuts or holes.The peel should be soft when peeled with a nail. When cut, the seeds should be soft, small and white in color. Inside pulp should be bright white/off white.

Red Chilies (Lal Mirch): Bright red in color, shiny skin. No rot, no black spots, no cuts, garden fresh, crisp, smooth. Natural even colored on all sides.

Ridge Guard (Green Tori): Greenish black color, smooth tight skin, should snap when twisted, no broken ends. When broken the seeds should be small and inside free of “net”.

Raw Mango (Keri): Very hard to touch. Surface skin to have a sheen. No black spots, bruises, cuts on the outer surface. Should look and smell garden fresh.

Red Reddish (Lal Moolee): Skin bright red in color, with fresh green leaves not more than 6″ long, sharp taste when cut, the inside must be white hard. Inside free of the net.

Snake Cucumber(Kakdi Green) : Bright green in color, garden fresh, flash to be firm and have a sheen, outer surface without any cuts, spots, bruises. No web with no marks and spots. Diameter should be 2.5 minimum.

Spinach (Palak) : Fresh dark green leaves, fine texture. The stem should snap when bent. The leaves should not be worm-eaten or damaged.

Tomato (Tamatar): Red color firm to touch, no crevices, cuts or hole on skin. The top should not be splitting. Uniform shape, not over ripe. Large size.

Turnip (shalajam): Should look & smell fresh. Bulb to be evenly shaped. Skin to have seen & to be smooth. No hair roots. White or purplish white or greenish white in color. No web formation when the cut Cut surface to show compactness of the flesh. No mud attached to the bulb.

White Reddish (Safed Moolee): White in color with maximum four leaves attached to it, should have no hair sprouting from the outer surface. The tip should break when twisted, when broken, the inside should not have any “net” formation, hard to touch, should be long and have sharp of taste.

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