How to do SEO- for Food Blog

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How to do SEO for Food Blog


How to do SEO for food blog


Let us begin by the textbook definition of ‘search engine optimization’. What is it? Well, for starters, search engine optimization may be defined by the process which affects the visibility of a particular website in a search engine’s organic or natural search results. Long story short, it is basically consists of methods and ways that one uses to make the search engines recognize the desired website more easily and efficiently. Therefore, it would be safe to say that search engine optimization is essentially the formatting and modification of the content on the concerned website in order to make it more easily approachable and visible to the searcher via search engines.

The three things to remember are that –

  • It is absolutely free.
  • It is absolutely necessary if you wish your content to be visible.
  • It is rather simple.

The thing to understand is that SEO techniques not only add up to the credibility of websites but also help them to be easily reached by viewers and searchers on the internet. I addition to that, SEO is a constant and long-term practice which has to be taken care of continuously in order to ensure continuous and healthy in flow of viewership and visitors on the concerned website.

No coming to food blogs, it is important that there is a healthy traffic inflow, otherwise there is no point in running a food blog if there is no one read it. Therefore, traffic is of paramount importance when it comes food blogging or any blog for that matter. To be honest, half the traffic on food blogs these days comes from Pinterest. This is indeed true. Pinterest controls as much as 50 percent of the online traffic of food blogs on the internet. But what is going to happen if Pinterest shuts down tomorrow? Scary thought, right? Thus, it is wise to at least have control over the other half of the traffic in case things go down the wrong way. Here are a few tips that could help you in attracting more traffic to your website or blog. Have a look.

Do Your Homework For Keywords

It is always important to use the accurate keywords in order to maximize traffic and target the exact audience. When it comes to recipes and food blogging, this fact becomes even more important. Therefore, using correct keywords in the food blog title in the very first paragraph, in the entire blog body, in the ALT tags of the images and even in the image title drastically increases the chances of increasing the visibility of the blog to0 the viewers. Along with boosting the visibility, this will also add up to the blog’s Google ranking or search engine ranking. Try and add the key words within the first two sentences only. This might sound difficult but it will greatly benefit you.

Place Images Wisely

Image placement is as important as anything when food blogging is concerned. It is always the image that attracts visitors. Seriously, shabby images of food items will not attract anyone except flies. Be sure to use the best images for the blog, especially the after the title and before the intro. Apart from the first image, other images need to be good as well. They are not that important from the SEO point of view but for the viewers to find your blog attractive, it is indeed important. Make sure that the images are attractive, neat and clear.

Remember the Images

People usually do not pay attention to this fact hut they really should, that is, if they really want to boost their chances of inviting more visitors to their food blog. It is really imperative that you rename your images with accurate keywords. Do not leave it the way the camera named it. Trust me when I say that ‘DCM_0011’ does not mean anything to the search engine. Instead of leaving it the way it is, rename it with appropriate names like name of the recipe or the keywords you are using to describe it. For instance, if you are displaying an image of chopped beef, name it as ‘chopped-beef-with-spices’. Keep it simple yet effective.

The Recipe Name Should Be the Recipe Link

The link to your recipe, which in technical terms is called the permalink, should definitely consist of the recipe title. Usually blogging websites like Blogspot and WordPress select it by default. But that is where most people unknowingly cut their chances for increased traffic. Rename it manually in the settings. This will not only increase the visibility of your food blog but also make it look more sensible.

Ensure Appropriate Image ALT Tags

ALT tags are really important when it comes down to making SEO friendly articles. ALT tags or Alternative tags/texts are essentially the ID for the image. Therefore, instead of a random text if you chose to name the image appropriately, it would have a much better chance of showing up in the image searches on various search engines. For instance, it will be wise to name an image after its recipe name with hyphen or dashes in between rather than some random test.

Make It as Sharable as Possible

The more you share your content on the internet, the more it will be readable for people. I mean what is the whole point of writing good content if people do not get to read it, right? And what better tool for sharing than social media. The post 2010 era has seen a marketing takeover by social media companies like Facebook, twitter, tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn and what not. Add share buttons on the blog so that people can share it as much as possible for their friends and family to see it.

These tips are surely to make you post better blogs and add credibility to your content in the eyes of the viewers and the search engine. All the best!



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