What Do Vegans Eat?

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what do vegan eat

What do Vegans Eat?

A very common question indeed. But really, what do vegans  eat? I mean you have excluded food items like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and even products which have the slightest hint of animals. So, how do you survive on a vegan diet? The answer is simple. There are plenty of vegan food items on the menu and it is only lack of awareness and knowledge that often holds back people from adopting the vegan lifestyle. The typical vegan diet involves foods like grains, vegetables, legumes, and all the fruits you can imagine. Other food items which you probably did not hear about are vegan ice cream, vegan hot dogs, and vegan burgers. And last but not the least the most common of these vegan food items that save the day are tofu and soy.

But another important thing to remember is that many other everyday food items are considered vegan because of the ingredients they possess or don’t possess. For instance, pasta made with ketchup and sauces without any dairy bases product like cheese or mayonnaise is considered vegan. A Burrito with no cream or cheese or meat will be considered vegan. In addition to this, almost all types of bread are vegan. But somehow, there is always confusion regarding the foods that vegans eat in reality. Today I have decided to enlist the most popular food items on a vegan’s menu.

All Types Of Nuts

All kinds of nuts and seeds are legitimate additions to the kitchen of a vegan. They not only make for an effective vegan food source but also an efficient one. This can be understood by the fact that a mere ounce of nuts consists of about 10 to 12 grams of protein. Therefore it can be said that nuts pose as a viable alternative food item for meats which are primarily eaten as a source of protein.

Apart from the macronutrient benefits, nuts are also known for their micronutrient contents. Nuts are especially rich in magnesium, iron, selenium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin E. In addition to this, nuts are also rich in antioxidants that battle out free radicals in the body.

From the chef’s point of view, nuts are versatile too. They can be eaten on their own and they can be used in combination with other foods items as well. This includes ice creams, sauces, cheeses and various other recipes.

Long story short, nuts and seeds and their butter such as cashew butter, almond butter, and of course, peanut butter should be a part of every vegan’s diet plan so as to provide a wholesome and efficient supply of nutrients.


Tempeh and tofu are the products of the same primary food item, that is, soya. They are especially high in protein. A hundred grams of both tofu and tempeh consist of roughly 18 to 19 grams of protein, depending on the way they processed.

Tofu is simply the product of constantly pressing soybean yogurt. It is a very popular replacement for meats due to its high content of protein. For people who do not know, tofu can also be made into omelets which makes it a viable replacement for eggs.

On the hand, tempeh is processed with the help of fermented soybeans. It tastes in a way that it is usually utilized as a replacement for fish meat. Tempeh also enjoys the upper hand over tofu as the fermentation process in the case of tempeh means that the anti-nutrients present in soybean are taken out. This results in a higher absorption rate of nutrients. The fermentation process also leads to the creation of Vitamin B12 in Tempeh. The interesting thing is that Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products like meat.

Long story short, processed soy food items like tempeh and tofu and simply good replacements for meats and act as a good addition to the vegan pantry.

Sprouted Plant Foods

Sprouted plant-based food items are sound food options both in terms of micronutrient as well as macronutrient content. Being a plant-based food item, they possess anti-nutrients which basically diminish our body’s ability to absorb nutrients optimally. However, through fermentation, this issue can be easily taken care of.

Fermentation is a very basic method of getting rid of anti-nutrients from plant-based foods items. In addition to this, fermentation may also increase the amount of nutrients present in the food item. Other benefits of fermented and sprouted plant-based foods include that they are a good source of probiotic bacteria and thus help in boosting the immune system and keeping the gut healthy.

Along with being high in protein and dietary fiber, sprouted foods are also rich in Vitamin K12 which is beneficial for bone health and heart health.

Long story short, fermented and sprouted plant based foods are a very good source of nutrients that in no way should be neglected by a vegan.


Well, by now it is quite clear that vegans avoid every food option that in any way may have caused harm to any animal while being produced or being processed. Therefore, this takes a large part of the food options away from their menu. This includes the exclusion of nutrients like proteins, calcium, and iron. Therefore, an exceptionally well replacement for such food items and such nutrients are legumes.

Legumes include beans, peas, and lentils. They are very high in protein and dietary fiber. Along with that they are rich in slow digesting carbohydrates which provide a sustainable source of energy. They also possess large amount of micronutrients like iron, magnesium, chromium, Vitamin K12, Vitamin C, and zinc.

Long story short, legumes, although high in anti-nutrients, pose as a very alternative for protein-rich animal based products like fish, chicken and, red meat.

Vegetables And Fruits

Well, this had to be on the list. And that too for a reason. You see, many vegans simply replace popular animal based food items with vegan fast food but in the long run, this does not prove to be a sustainable food source.

Instead, there are many whose chose the wiser way and add loads of vegetables and fruits in their vegan diet to facilitate the supply of essential nutrients and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are also great replacements for non-vegan food items. For instance, di you know that banana is a great replacement ingredient for eggs in recipes that include baking stuff up. Mushrooms are very good to grill, in case you are in a mood for a barbecue. And, jackfruits are very useful for their ability to completely replace meat in sandwiches and burgers.

There you go! The most popular things that vegans eat. Hope it helped. Stay tuned for similar articles.

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