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Gautam was born in a middle class family, with moderate values & simple living, Gautam Singh Goyal, motivated to be the Chef. The real truth behind the success of Gautam ,was his interaction to oberoi Hotel as his Maternal uncle was in cloth business with them. This was the first hotel Gautam walk as a normal person, but walked out with an inspiration to be “The Chef”. As Gautam discuss his inspiration with his family members, the head of the family ask him to think again but Gautam decided to move himself in hospitality industry “Kitchen”. As he has completed his diploma, he entered the kitchen world & its various aspects. As time & his experience increases, he worked with various hotels national & international chains. With 17 years of experience in the food industry, combines not just exceptional cooking skills, but a phenomenal amount of creativity, talent and imagination. He is a recognized food stylist across food and beverages industry, and has extraordinary skills in making every recipe look stunning on a plate. He decided to spread his knowledge about cooking to people so they made simple food look beautiful & glamour’s .Hotel industry is often stated as Glamour World. The food look so beautiful & well decorated, as eyes feel on it, the taste automatically becomes the best one. The smile & satisfaction of the customer, is only due to hard working days of Chef in the world of Kitchen.

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Boondi papad ki subji
Date Swan Chinese Dessert

Make The Most Popular Indian Food In The World Through Good Recipe Info

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Every country has the own special cuisine, and Indian cuisine especially chicken based ones are becoming more popular nowadays. Indian restaurant are present all over the world, the quantity of folks who visited there in a day is increasing. They not only visit the Indian restaurant nevertheless they want to... more

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What Do Vegans Eat?

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what do vegan eat

What do Vegans Eat? A very common question indeed. But really, what do vegans  eat? I mean you have excluded food items like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and even products which have the slightest hint of animals. So, how do you survive on a vegan diet? The answer is simple.... more

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How to do SEO- for Food Blog

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How to do SEO for Food Blog     Let us begin by the textbook definition of ‘search engine optimization’. What is it? Well, for starters, search engine optimization may be defined by the process which affects the visibility of a particular website in a search engine’s organic or natural... more

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Chakki ki Subji